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What's inside

A one-year premium subscription to tennisresources.com – Thousands of instructional tips, lessons, bonus features
and more

Tennis training and skills assessment chart with resource for skills – Checklists, and to visually map your
or your students’ progress

36 of USPTA’s top training DVDs featuring world-renowned tennis coaches – Facilitate a quality on-court instruction experience by viewing skills and referencing the 100 points included in the system’s evaluation checklist. Titles include:

  • The Secrets of Today’s Serve
  • The Secrets of Today’s Forehand
  • Tactical Weapons for Tennis
  • Winning Patterns and Drills
  • Zone It to Own It
  • Meet the Topspins
  • Components of the Modern Forehand
  • Components of the Two-Handed Backhand
  • Drills to Improve Your Athletic Ability
  • Footwork for the Open-Stance Forehand and Backhand
  • The Power of Story
  • The Arc Ball
  • The Shoulder-Level Dip Drive
  • Volley Secrets – The Lost Art
  • The Modern Forehand
  • The Forehand – Flat, Topspin, Slice
  • Becoming a Champion: Part 2
  • Movement and Footwork
  • Footwork Technique: The base of on-court problem solving
  • The Backhand
  • The Modern Backhand
  • Advanced Stroke Production: Teaching the game in the modern way
  • Modern Tennis Techniques
  • Biomechanics and Sports Medicine
  • The Volley
  • Rock-Solid Volley Game
  • The Aggressive Swing Volley
  • The Serve
  • The Overhead
  • Becoming a Champion: Part 3
  • Tactical Touch Tennis
  • Singles Strategy and Tactics –
    Transition Shots
  • Becoming a Champion: Part 1
  • Situational Tennis
  • Think Shots, Not Strokes
  • Playing Smarter Tennis

Bonus CD – Includes USPTA’s Player Development chapters and the Professional Tennis Coaches Academy manual, featuring concepts from the world’s top tennis coaches for developing players of all levels, from beginner to high performance.