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Skills assessment chart

When using this skills assessment chart, you must keep in mind that it is a subjective system depending on the knowledge
and evaluating experience of the teaching professional. Coaches and teaching pros range in caliber and expertise, so one cannot
expect them all to have the same level of tennis knowledge. It is extremely important for everyone to understand the subjectivity
of player analysis and the continuing need for coaches and players to aim for improved consistency.

A pro will need to determine where his or her player currently fits in the progression of player development based on age, size, ability and the goals of the player and/or his or her parent. The pro must then perform his or her subjective evaluation of each element on a scale of 1 to 10. So, much like going to a doctor, the patient rarely knows the true competency of the diagnostician and can only hope that his or her education and degree provide credence to the diagnosis.

USPTA’s mission to maintain consistency in its coaches led to the creation of the Ultimate Tennis Training System. This system will enable anyone analyzing a player’s skills to become much more consistent and expand his or her tennis knowledge.