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The Six General Performance Components Of Tennis
The Six General Performance Components Of Tennis
Price: $119.99
ITEM # KT10-010A

The foundation necessary to keep people playing and enjoying tennis is based on a shifting balance of six general performance components. The components in this six-DVD box set provide teachers, coaches and players with an understanding of what makes up a complete player and gives insight on how to diagnose issues in a player's game. Implement these components and you'll be on your way to creating a champion. Featuring USPTA Master Professionals David T. Porter, Ed.D., Jack Groppel, Ph.D., Jim Loehr, Ed.D., Rick Macci, Lorenzo Beltrame, Jim Parker and Brett Hobden.

Approx. 526 minutes

The Six General Performance Components of Tennis:

  • Physical- Includes all that is needed for a tennis player to develop fitness, health and injury prevention.
  • Technical- Involves all of the elements and skills that go into shot execution and technique.
  • Tactical- Includes all of the variables a player implements during a point such as power, spin and placement.
  • Strategic- Involves a player's overall game plan and usually incorporates two or more of the tactical elements.
  • Mental- Important because as an individual sport, tennis requires a player to be mentally tough.
  • Environmental- Includes everything affecting the player off the court, particularly his or her social, personal, and home life.








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