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Footwork Solutions Part 1: Baseline Side To Side
Footwork Solutions Part 1: Baseline Side To Side
Price: $19.95
ITEM # N610-05

Footwork is an extremely important part of tennis as your feet and legs are instrumental in getting you to the ball and allowing you to recover. In this "On Court with USPTA" mini-series, USPTA Master Professional Lorenzo Beltrame covers footwork in all areas of the court, both at the baseline and at the net, with this first part focusing on side to side movement at the baseline. Learn how to position your feet and legs to hit balls from the center of the baseline when out wide and when you're running off the court to stay in the point. Learn the most efficient way to recover back to your ready position after hitting and watch as Lorenzo puts his students through drills and helps them improve their technique. If you want to move like a pro, you can't afford to miss this! In this DVD you will learn: The importance of the ready position. How to get into position to hit a variety of shots along the baseline. The most efficient ways to recover after hitting.

 Bonus features: Side to side lesson at the baseline.

Approx. 45 mins.

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