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Coaching Mastery by David W. Smith
Coaching Mastery by David W. Smith
Price: $29.95
ITEM # BK-62

David Smith shares his 30-Plus years of Coaching & Teaching Excellence.  Following the world-wide embrace of David Smith's first book, TENNIS MASTERY, Dave now brings his "Advanced Foundation" to the art of coaching and teaching tennis.  COACHING MASTERY will become a tennis-teaching bible for every tennis coach, tennis parent and tennis teaching pro...a resource that brings reality to the world of developing championship teams and successful individuals.

  • FOR THE HIGH SCHOOL TENNIS COACH: COACHING MASTERY will provide EVERY coach, from the highly experienced to the uninitiated, a blueprint to attracting players and designing effective and efficient tennis practices, as well as a guideline for "TEAM" success year after year.
  • FOR THE TENNIS PARENT: Regardless of your tennis playing experience, COACHING MASTERY will provide you with a clear and proven method to make sure you are providing your child the right progression and learning to help them reach their personal best!
  • AND, FOR THE TENNIS PROFESSIONAL: As we all know, there are good pros and there are great pros. The biggest difference between the two is the passion that such pros bring to the court. With passion comes the desire to learn new ideas, drills, and philosophies. Pros who regularly attend teaching or coaching clinics readily understand the value of experience. Dave Smith brings a lifetime of tennis club experience that can greatly benefit each and every professional.

Teaching juniors or adults, one player or 100, COACHING MASTERY will provide the tools and processes to be the BEST!

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